Welcome to TimMUD

The Mud Institute was a body dedicated to the advancement and support of muds and their users. The word "mud" originates from the acronym MUD, meaning Multi User Dungeon. It has come to mean any multiuser virtual reality, whether used as a game or not. eg Abermud, BSX, DGD, Dikumud, LPmud, MOO, MUCK, MUG, MUSE, MUSH, etc.

TimMUD is my effort toward providing an updated version of the TMI-2 MUD that will be capable of using modern versions of FluffOS and utilize some of the new features.


Anyone can log in to this, and all users may see and write code on it.

It is accessible by connecting to timmud.com on port 5555 for plain text, or 5556 for TLS/SSL encryption. Web clients will be listed here once I enable them.

From this page you can interact with the mud in a number of ways:

About these pages

These web pages are being brought to you by a web server written in LPC, running from inside the mud using FluffOS's TCP/IP socket efuns.